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It was bound to happen! Spring has arrived—at least on the calendar. There were days when it was not easy to imagine ever stepping out of the living snow globe in which we seemed hopelessly trapped. After experiencing such confinement and having life defined by it, three questions arise. One is what to do about it? The second question is how do we get ourselves started again? How do we resume activity after becoming so sedentary? The other question is what to do with all of the pent-up energy? What do we do first?

St. Luke’s certainly felt the effect of a disrupted flow of our routine as a result of the snow. Cancelled worship services, cancelled meetings. Shucks, even Men’s Soup was cancelled. But, what could we do about it? Extreme struggles call for extreme measures! With the attitude of “if you can’t beat them, join them!” Dianne and I put together a worship opportunity by live-streaming a portion of a service from our kitchen. On what would have been a day of cancellation, we were joined by a surprising number of viewers. The day ended with a feeling of connection and uplifted spirits that could not be confined by inclement weather. With a bit of “adaptive change” we refused to allow a winter storm to define who were and who we would be at St. Luke’s!

The other two questions, how to get started again after a complete shut-down and what to do first when you get a chance to get going again, seem to have been answered by our Lenten Journey over the past month. It’s hard to re-engage after the winter we have had. But, the structured focus of Lent has been effective in getting us going again. This season is a time of intentional commitment and discipline. Just what we all needed after maybe getting comfortable doing less that we would have under ideal conditions. We have benefited from the structure of the Lenten Season, seeing strong attendance in worship as well as the Ash Wednesday service and weekly Lenten Studies.

I am glad that after the winter we have had the Lenten Season was the first thing out of the gate. We have had multiple opportunities to resume an active path of spiritual nurture and faith development through the Lenten study. It has been a productive exploration of a variety of “tastes” we might have in our expressions of worship. Everyone seems to have had enough with the winter hibernation already! The sign-ups for the hike (I am writing the Outlook article before the hike—as I will be on vacation after the hike!) are wonderful! There is interest and excitement about the Labyrinth Walk (which is a few hours before I leave for vacation). Hopefully we will get a congregational Service Day and a trip to Powell Gardens in before arriving at Holy Week. Weather permitting. Wait. WE DON’T NEED PERMISSION! Some way we will find a way! We have already proven that. We will be the church regardless of what may come—bad weather included! Because Easter is just around the corner and the message of Easter is Resurrection; new life; victory over even death. We don’t need the weather to PERMIT us to rejoice and live into the joy that is ours as the People of Resurrection!