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The Outlook is a means by which members and friends are kept informed about life at St. Luke’s. You can usually find out what is coming up before it happens so you can be sure to not miss opportunities of spiritual growth, fellowship and shared ministry. You will also see information and celebration of recent events at St. Luke’s. This assures that you don’t miss what is being done to strengthen our congregation and our ministry. Granted, most of what is reflected upon is stuff that you may already know about because you were here, you participated, you made it happen. Still, it allows you to remember the JOY that we have encountered at St. Luke’s in the recent weeks. Other times there may be things that have happened so routinely that they could remain under the radar; stuff that might be done quietly and behind the scenes.

For instance, did you know that during the past month the Memorial Committee met? This committee is comprised of Marita Ray, Barb Parrino, Dan O’Neill, Paul Rochowiak and Larry Paul. Like every other year, this committee reviewed, discussed and discerned how to disperse interest from the Church Mission Memorial Fund. The committee then suggested to the council allocations to a variety of mission partners. The total support that was approved by council for this year was as follows:

   $550 – Emmaus Home

   $600 – Blue Springs Terrace Pastor’s Home

$1,100 – Community Services League
   $600 – I Share (Utility Assistance CSL)                                                

   $550 – Independence School District Caring for Kids fund

   $500 – ICAN

   $550 – IBCC Micah Ministry

$1,100 – Steppingstone

   $500 – Habitat for Humanity

   $850 – Faith Wildschuetz


The Church Mission Memorial Fund was established in 1985 with a principal amount of $10,000. Over the years, gifts and bequests have been given to this fund and the principal has grown to a current balance of $131,466The earnings from this fund are given away every year to a variety of missions.  We have given a total of $145,035  to various missions.

In addition to this year’s allocations, an additional $500 from the Outreach Mission Project was approved for seed money for a project to support Tabitha’s Closet in providing shoes to students in the Independence School District. You will be hearing more about this Summer Outreach Project in the weeks to come as we rally congregational support around this vital ministry throughout the summer.

Folks, this is a BIG DEAL! We are missing the point if our mission and ministry ever becomes “just another donation from our memorial fund.” This is our mission! It is not just what we do. It is who we are! We are a church on mission! $145,035 since 1985 in support of mission partners. And with a memorial fund balance of $131,466, we are not finished yet. We have much more to give.

But it is more than even that! As I looked around the room at the committee, every committee member is actively involved not only in our ministry at St. Luke’s but is engaged in volunteering and supporting one or more these mission partners!

And remember, this is just the work we do through the Church Mission Memorial Fund. Our mission is not limited to that. There have been block parties to assist neighbors in need; youth mission trips; Holiday Helpers; Stoves for Guatemala; Blessing Bags; Disaster Relief; therapy dogs; and the list could go on. This is besides our sustained congregational support of OCWM and UCC special offerings!

This is truly who we are! Let us celebrate our continued vitality and mission outreach through our giving and through our living!