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Everybody loves a good fireworks display. There is just something about the anticipation that soars with the launching of a Multi-Break Shell, a Pattern Shell or a Pink Peony. With eyes trained on the sky we wait for the explosion of brightness and color against the darkness. It is a light that is reflected in smiling faces of the gathered crowd. The energy can literally be felt echoing in your chest. If you want to celebrate, fireworks are the ultimate way of doing it.

Fireworks have, indeed, been a part of our summer together. Not just the displays at Kaufman on Friday nights or the community displays commemorating Independence Day. Here at St. Luke’s we have had our own fireworks display. Bright, beautiful, twinkling rays of light and hope that could be felt in the very core of our being.

Early in the month of June, Council members brought us updates on the status of congregational finances as the budget year drew to a close. Realization of shortfalls and impending deficits gathered like a dark sky over us. Yet, there was anticipation and a twinkling hope. Then, with exploding generosity and faithfulness, light and splendor filled the sky! Ah!! It was beautiful to see the light and to be the light that would not be hidden under a bushel. With a bold and reverberation display, we declared that we would let the light of our ministry shine.

Super Sumer Fun and Vacation Bible School were also big bangs in our summer ministry. Our kids gathered and volunteers led the celebration of fun and learning. With interesting lessons, fun games, creative crafts and lively music we celebrated Super Training University. It was an explosion of laughter, fun and learning. Many thanks to the volunteers that made it all possible!

There have been twinkling moments of joy throughout the summer in our worship. New faces in the pews, Carlos leading an inspiring service, summer music from our own talented members. One after another explosions of joy!

And what about the Sneaker Seekers project? Hasn’t it been fun to watch the footprints make their way down the St. Luke’s Hall of Wonder (don’t you “wonder” what you’ll find in our hall next? Wait and see…wait and see). With joy and generosity shoes and money have been brought to share with children in Independence, making sure their school year starts with a bang.

I can never think about fireworks without thinking of community fireworks in DeSoto, where I grew up. There was a community figure who was the “announcer” at the fireworks display. Quite the colorful individual himself, I still remember his refrain between every firework. “Wasn’t that pretty?” How could you not just stand in wonder, look around at the bright, colorful summer we have had and not say, “Wasn’t that pretty? Simply Awesome!”

And what fireworks display is complete without the Grand Finale? Our spectacular summer will have its own Grand Finale. Youth Week will carry us from July into August. August fourth will be Youth Sunday, as the youth share in worship about their experiences of “Wayfinding” from the week. While the joy of Youth Week is still ringing in our ears, we will celebrate the culmination of the Sneaker Seekers program, complete with ice cream social and fellowship. And just when you think that was the last big bang of the summer—August eleventh will be the final Super Summer Fun day. But, it’s still not over! With joy still lighting our sky and echoing within us, a whole new Sunday School year is about to begin. This much is sure, “God has yet more light to break forth!”