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No Matter Who You Are Or Where You Are On Life's Journey, You Are Welcome Here!

You Are Invited the Lenten Study Classes at St. Luke's

United Church of Christ 

During this year’s Lenten Study, Pastor Paul will encourage you to
“Look to the Birds”
as spiritual guides. They have lessons to teach each of us. The weekly theme will be presented in worship each Sunday morning and then explored each Tuesday night during the Lenten Study. Each Tuesday there will be a focus on a different bird.
There will also be “field trips” along the way where there an opportunity is presented to look at our feathered friends.
Please join St. Luke’s United Church of Christ on Sundays at 10:45 AM and Tuesdays at 6:30 PM.


Snacks and child care will be provided on Tuesday evenings.


It promises to be uplifting and to make your thoughts soar!  Please register below or in the narthex at church.

Audio and videos are available for each week.  Just click the links below.


First Week of Lent
Sunday, March 1st: Season of Return

​​​​​​​Tuesday, March 3rd: Homing and Migratory Birds

Second Week of Lent
Sunday, March 8th: Season of Wandering
Tuesday, March 10th: Quail

Third Week of Lent
Sunday, March 15th: Season of Trust
Tuesday, March 17th: Sparrow

Fourth Week of Lent
Sunday, March 22nd: Season of Hope
Tuesday, March 24th: Crane and Eagle

Fifth Week of Lent
Sunday, March 29th: Season of Sanctuary

Tuesday, March 31st: Hen

Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 5th: Season of Peace & the Dove

Good Friday: April 10th, Service at 7:00 PM
Season of Death & the Vulture

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