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The Christmas Pageant, "The Little Stars of Bethlehem," was presented at St. Luke's on December 29, 2019 during worship.  The day began with a wonderful breakfast served in the Fellowship Hall.  The pageant began with the cast entering singing, "This Little Light of Mine" wearing bright LED lights on their fingers.  The children played "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" on the bells and then the story began.  The little stars were searching for a star to shine over the manger in Bethlehem and asked the moon, Orion, Judean stars, Jerusalem stars, and Polaris to help but none were able.  So the little stars worked together and did it themselves!  Pastor Paul shared a reflection, "Starstuff".  Listen to it here.  The service ended with the playing and singing of "Joy to the World" accompanied by the children's bells.